Arts, Short Film & Jazz Festivals

Arts, Short Film and Jazz Festival - Sat. Aug 27th 3pm
Arts, Short Film and Jazz Festival - Sat. Aug 27th 3pm

Saturday, August 26th, 2017  2pm - 9:30pm - FREE

Bell Tower Courtyard - 60 Island Street, Lawrence MA (Rain location: inside 60 Island Street !!!!)

2-6pm  Arts Festival!  

  • Artists and Non-Profit Booths! Get to know more about the arts and culture in Lawrence!  Artists/Organizations reserve your booth HERE.
  • Join visiting artists from Columbia (LUZ PIEDAD CURRAN- GARTNER, BEATRIZ CORREA Y ANGELA MARIA SANTACRUZ) as they create a mural around the theme "My America."  2 Additional murals will be created by artists from Elevated Thought and an interactive mural from Essex Art Center.

2:00 - 3:00PM The Common Sage - Presentations from city wide writing clubs occuring 12-1pm that day.

3:00 - 4:00pm Salsa Dancing with Deb!

3:00 - 8:00pm:  Jazz Festival, presented by Movimiento Pro Cultura - Bell Tower Courtyard

Latin Jazz Artists

Anthony Bernabel 3:15

Ebinho Cardoso 4:15

Carlos Averhoff Jr 5:15

Miguel Andres Tejada 6:15

8:30pm:  Short Film Festival - featuring short films around theme "My America" and shorts from "CLOUT" film festival

“Skate Jam Recap” by Pablo Mora Productions

“Art Doe” by Wilfred Acosta

“1818” by Kyoshu

“Orion” by Marcus Jimenez

“The Day After Graduation & LOOK” by Michael T.

“Yamarco “Law Ring” by Vessel Vision

“IMG-4300” by Roberta Delilio

“it’s the Spaceman Turn” by Ryan Bennett

“My Movie 3” by Marques Mendoza

"Miserable America" by Micheal T.

“Katherine” by Benny Garcia

 “Wiretap” by Marcus Jimenez

“Cuba” by Elissa Salas

“Liberation Through Creation” by Elevated Thought


If you missed last years festival, films that are available may be seen by clicking on the titles below.  If there is no link, the filmmaker did not give us permission at this time.

City of Promise!           Roberto German

Made in Lawrence ~ My Little Peru        Franallen Acosta

Spicket River Walkway          Tower Hill Films & Groundwork Lawrence

What is Education?     Elevated Thought Youth & Lawrence Youth Council

The GREEN TEAM        Director: Michael Tejada, Producers: Legendary Minds

Summer Mural Program 2014      Eric Allshouse & Essex Art Center

Pemberton Mill (Part 5 of full series "The Path")    Daniel Koff & City of Lawrence (CDBG Funds)

What does the fox say the chicken        Shot and Directed by Meyer and Vincent @ Essex Art Center

Bread and Roses Strike Centennial Exhibit Highlights      Lorre Fritchy, Masterpiece Productions & Lawrence History Center

Habitat for Humanity  Patrick Guerrero & Habitat for Humanity

Ruido Cortometraje (Translated: Short Noise)         Director Santiago Acosta

Gentrilious          elijAH starr

This is where I'm from. This is home to me.        Amaryllis Lopez & Marquis Victor