Greg Orfanos

Subjects taught at EAC: 
drawing, painting, cartooning, illustration
Artist's Statement: 
I am a mixed media artist that works primarily with acrylic paint and collage. Making pictures that tell stories has always been a running theme in my work. Though a narrative is always prominent in my paintings, it is often portrayed in a surreal and allegorical way. My images are a composite of my daily routine, forgotten memories, random thoughts and epic dreams. My work is often embedded with a fascination of the bizarre, a bit of sarcasm and a tongue-in-cheek sensibility. ‚ÄčI have been an illustration instructor at Montserrat College of Art since 2011. Though teaching takes up most of my days, the nights are spent wandering around inter-dimensional planes with a pencil stub, an endless cup of cowboy coffee and one stick of gum.