Gallery Submissions

We welcome artist and curatorial proposals for the Chester F. Sidell and Elizabeth A. Beland Galleries. While the majority of our exhibitions are not the result of unsolicited submissions, there are shows that come to us this way. In order to help you, please note the following:

Who Are We?

Before you submit materials, you may want to look around our website and see what we do. Even better, visit us and see what kind of work we show and the size and arrangement of our galleries. This won’t tell you what we are looking for in future programming, since the Essex Art Center is in constant evolution, but it will give you some idea of what our general programming sensibilities are- innovative and non-commercial are good guideposts.

Our Galleries

EAC has two galleries. The Chester F. Sidell Gallery shows work of local artist in a great variety of mediums. The Elizabeth A. Beland Gallery shows work by emerging and mid-career artists, exploring new media and multidisciplinary art forms. Gallery shows change every 4-6 weeks and are free to the public. On average the opening receptions attract an audience of 200 local and regional art lovers. The galleries are handicap accessible.


We closely review unsolicited proposals, but since we are a busy non-profit and we take pride in looking carefully at each proposal, it can sometimes take us a while to get back to you. We aren’t ignoring you so please be patient.


Unless otherwise noted, we accept and review submissions on an ongoing basis.

Guidelines for Submissions

For Visual Arts

Resumes, statements, bios and press clippings are all helpful but not nearly as important as good quality, labeled images of your work. DO NOT send original artwork; we can’t be responsible for the handling or return of original materials! Send hard copy proposals not electronic, taking the following into consideration:

  • We accept images in jpeg format on CD.
  • Please clearly label each image file to match up with your corresponding image list.
  • Image files must be no larger than 1MB.
  • Please note that submissions will NOT be returned.

For Audio, Video

  • Video should be submitted on DVD in NTSC format.
  • Audio samples should be submitted on CD only, but can be MP3, or AIFF encoded.
  • Rule of thumb: if iTunes can play it, send it along.

Please send all submissions to:
Essex Art Center
56 Island St.
Lawrence, MA 01840