Our faculty consists of 50 artists who teach classes and workshops. They share their talents and their love of art with children and adults- inspiring students to explore their creativity in a safe and fun environment. Many of EAC's teachers are young and become mentors and role models for their students.

Subjects taught at EAC: film studies and art history
I'm a film and art historian. For cinema I specialize in Early American Comedy, and the films of Italy and France but I also have had the privilege of studying art history at Harvard University where my instructors were Mary Crawford-Volk and Dr. Cynthia Fowler.
Subjects taught at EAC: Adult Introduction to potters wheel and Kids Clay Sculpture
Dina started working with clay as a hobby in 2000. She was drawn into the world of clay and attracted to the appeal of taking a lump of clay and turning it into a functional or decorative piece of art. There are theraputic aspects of working with your hands to bring an idea to fruition.
Subjects taught at EAC: Pottery
Fascinated with African Art (and obsessed with Africa since my first visit) it has influenced all of my art from pottery to painting.
Subjects taught at EAC: Clay, Drawing, Painting, Art Masters, Papermaking, Fabric Dyeing
I am currently working with mixed media, and I have had a life long interest in primitive/tribal arts around the world; which I try to reflect in my work. I am particularly focused in surface design, color and pushing the boundaries of sculpture with unconventional media.
Subjects taught at EAC: Stained Glass, Fused-Glass Jewlery
My interest in glass started as a simple desire to learn stained glass as a hobby. Soon after, I discovered the tactile quality of dimensional windows and began using these characteristics as a means of narration.
On the Ground Bird Bath
Subjects taught at EAC: Ceramics
My current work is sculptural and large scale. I'm often referred to as the "texture guy" because of the highly active surface I create.
Subjects taught at EAC: Classes have included: Paint Like The Impressionist, Modern Painting, Abstract Painting, Painting Throughout History, Painting Across Continents, 2D Collage, 3D Mix Media & Collage, Inspired By Nature, Games & Toys, Asian Art, African Art, Native American Art, Paper Making, and Ceramics.
I get inspired by nature, antiques, and by past artists like the Impressionists, Expressionists, Surrealists, and the Abstract movements. I like using bright colors, dreams, and happy memories of my childhood.
Subjects taught at EAC: Children's book illustration, Comic illustration and animation
Don Mathias Jr. is an award winning freelance illustrator and cartoonist. In the years since graduating in 1998, Don has been busily producing a variety of freelance illustration in all aspects of publishing, the film industry, and in theatre.
Subjects taught at EAC: The Joy of Watercolor, The Art Menagerie, Drawing Through the Eyes of a Child (current classes) several others in the past having to do with watercolor, drawing, children's classes with 2D and 3D forms, plein air painting and art as a way of healing
Art is a method of connecting one's spirit with the art process and product. When painting I strive to find the spiritual aspect of the subject matter and communicate that to the viewer. It is a 3 way conversation, usually in watercolor or pastel.
"The North Wind and the Sun", mixed media, 94" x 123", 2012-ongoing
Subjects taught at EAC: Adult courses in drawing, contemporary practice, inter-disciplinary media, and performance.
I use performance, video, photography, drawing, and writing to interrogate what is. My practice is an investigation into the insidious slow drip of complacency that leads to the raging tidal wave of institutionalized systems.
Heading Out
Subjects taught at EAC: Pastel Painting and Oils
I create truthful and beautiful works of portraiture, still life, landscapes and seascapes in oil, pastel and charcoal.
Subjects taught at EAC:
some recent figures
Subjects taught at EAC: figure
Emily O'Brien
Subjects taught at EAC: digital photography
Subjects taught at EAC: drawing, painting, cartooning, illustration
I am a mixed media artist that works primarily with acrylic paint and collage. Making pictures that tell stories has always been a running theme in my work. Though a narrative is always prominent in my paintings, it is often portrayed in a surreal and allegorical way.
Subjects taught at EAC: Stained Glass
Paul creates stained glass windows for churches, restaurants, and homes and is a master of the fine art of traditional kiln-fired painting on glass.
Subjects taught at EAC: Drawing, painting, pastel, sculpture (except clay), glass fusing, fashion design, printmaking and collage.
I prefer to make my sculpture from "found" metal because each piece already has a story in it. As an artist, I "read" these stories, combine pieces and fashion them into sculpture that others can "read" as well.
Subjects taught at EAC: pastel, conceptual art, fashion illustration, portraiture
Along The Coverd Bridge Oil on On Linen 30" x 40"
Subjects taught at EAC: watercolor and oil painting
I grew up in the art colony of Rockport MA and was exposed at a early age to plein air painting by my father Don Stone N.A. My attraction to the french and American impressionists and choice of art as a career grew from and was nurtured by this environment.
My Country, Right or Wrong
Subjects taught at EAC: photography, art history
Subjects taught at EAC: Handbuilding in Clay
My claywork reflects my respect for the formal elegance and decorative restraint of traditional domestic (functional) pottery.
Forest Shifting
Subjects taught at EAC: Adult classes: Mixed media collage, Abstract Painting. Children classes: Drawing and Painting with elements of 3-D works.
My art is informed by nature and often the precious resource of water. The work frequently symbolizes layers of visual and sensory memories or dreams. Varied elements of texture, color and line are employed creating compositions relating to nature and the environment.