About EAC

Essex Art Center is a non-profit art organization with a mission to inspire and nurture the diverse artistic potential of the Greater Lawrence community through classroom exploration and gallery exhibition - making the creation and enjoyment of art accessible to all.

We provide a diverse range of art classes for all ages at a minimum cost with a reputation for high quality instruction. Local artists design and teach the art classes in a wonderful variety of mediums, from ceramics, photography, drawing and painting to sculpture and multi-media. We offer four sessions of classes per year; Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.

Twelve gallery exhibitions are featured per year and are always free and open to the public. EAC also holds an annual spring fundraiser, fall beer tasting and special events throughout the year all designed to involve, encourage and celebrate the creative human spirit.

Our Space

Essex Art Center's first floor space houses: two professional galleries, a Communit Artist gallery, four spacious classrooms, a media lab and a ceramics room.  We also have a large open studio on ground level that is used for adult classes, events and more.

The Importance of Art

The Essex Art Center's focus is to empower people through art by enabling them to explore their own creative resources, allowing them to recognize their self worth. Art enhances ones’ learning capacity by providing opportunities to use critical thinking and decision-making in a creative process - skills that are readily transferred to other academic subjects and life skills. The objective of our art programming is to offer a safe atmosphere in which students can experiment without judgment or boundaries.

Outreach & Partnerships

EAC is recognized as an important resource for Lawrence. Since the beginning, the Essex Art Center has responded to requests from other community organizations and neighborhoods to provide the art component for their programs. Due to its spreading reputation, EAC is involved in many fascinating collaborations including providing the art component to school programs and offering art field trips for social service programs. These bring new energy to the Art Center and depth to the partner organizations.

A Hub & Advocate for Artists

EAC is an important hub for artists in the region. EAC's spacious galleries are an important venue for local and emerging artists to show their work and through networking EAC has often connected artists to job opportunities. Our faculty consists of 50 artists who teach classes and workshops. They share their talents and their love of art with children and adults often inspiring students to go on to become working artists themselves. Hey, if you are an artist or teacher with an idea for a class, we would love to hear from you!